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The links below are for photo albums on kodakgallery.com of trips over the last couple of years. See below for a new set of pictures from an old Yoseimte trip.

LeConte summit attempt and backpacking. September 2007

Half Dome in a day! Plus Inspiration and Glacier Points. September 2007

Mt. Shasta Mountaineering Trip. Photos June 2006

Click here to see 2006 Europe photos and videos

Click here to see 2005 Europe photos and videos

Yosemite Backpacking October 2000: Sawtooth Ridge, Matterhorn Canyon, Virginia Canyon

Alaska 2005

Portland Thanksgiving 2004

Click here to see photos of Bil and Carolyn's wedding August 2004.
Click here to see video of Dave and Bil playing Frisbee.

Puerto Nuevo 2004
Click here to see video of Dennis riding the bull.
Click here to see video of Mike(?) riding the bull.

Sharon's 35th Birthday in Cabo San Lucas at Esperanza

Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah Mountain Biking Trip September 2003
Telluride to Moab Day 1
Click here to see video after first day's ride. It's Alan playing banjo at the first hut.
Telluride to Moab Day 2
Click here to see video of the second day storm.
Telluride to Moab Day 3
Click here to see video of day 3 cows.
Click here to see video of day 3 rainstorm.
Telluride to Moab Day 4
Click here to see video of day 4 firecracker alley.
Telluride to Moab Day 5
Click here to see video day 5: False Start
Click here to see video day 5: Follow through : )
Telluride to Moab Day 6
Telluride to Moab Day 7

Brainard Lake Backpacking August 2003

Denali National Park Alaska Backpacking June 2003

Joshua Tree National Park Climbing April 2003

Reach the Beach Portland Mountain Biking April 2003

San Gorgonio Hiking January 2003

Portland Thanksgiving November 2002

Parson's Landing (Catalina Island) Backpacking October 2002

Costa Rica 1 September 2002
Costa Rica 2 September 2002
Costa Rica 3 September 2002
Costa Rica 4 September 2002
Costa Rica 5 September 2002
Costa Rica 6 September 2002

Brainard Lake Backpacking August 2002

Zion National Park Hiking & Mountain Biking May 2002

Ventana Wilderness Backpacking November 2001